Welcome to Gaia’s Call

Olivia Vogée Psychologist, Portrait

If you’re here, it means you’ve felt Gaia’s call…

This space is open to all who feel the inner call to re-member — the process of integrating all aspects of the self that have been separated and suppressed through various means within Western society; a process that is deeply necessary to restore unity and a dynamic balance.

The urgency of this process manifests itself on both individual and collective levels as the call of our time, which I refer to as Gaia’s Call

Today, more than ever the profound impacts of Western culture’s tendencies toward separation and suppression are increasingly apparent, manifested in a pervasive numbness in the form of dissociation from the present moment, from our individual bodies, and collectively, from the Earth.

But who is Gaia…?

Gaia, in Greek mythology, represents the Goddess of the earth.

She embodies the interconnectedness and unity of all life, emphasizing the intrinsic bond between everything that is.

In this sense, Gaia’s Call echoes our inner yearning for reconnection and wholeness.

Here, guided by a profound understanding of the unity of body, mind, and soul, as well as the inseparable interconnectedness of all aspects of existence, I employ various perspectives to accompany You on Your journey of re-membering.

This includes psychological and sexual counseling, sensual embodiment and mindfulness practices, creative expression via dance, and a systemic-theoretic understanding of the interconnections within and between the individual and the whole.

In this spirit…

I encourage You to respond to Gaia’s call,

discover profound healing,

and practice embodied activism.

What I offer

Olivia Gaia Vogée

One-on-one Coaching

online or in person in Hamburg-Altona (Erdmannstraße 10)

50 minutes

(temporary offer available only during the first year after the completion of my sex counseling training)


Embodied Sensuality meets Latin Moves

This workshop centers around
the phenomenon of sensuality both by embodying it through latin dances and by learning about its relevance in our Western society in order to
live more authentically and pleasurably,
both as dancers and as human beings.

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Motion*s Berlin

Olivia Gaia Vogée, Embodied Sensuality & Kinesthetic Pleasure
Olivia Gaia Vogée GAIASCALL.COM


Sensual Yoga

In this workshop we follow
the sense of pleasure in the body
like a cat that instinctively stretches after waking up from its nap knowing exactly
how to move in order to feel good…

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Open Heart Festival

Weekly Classes

Latin Sensuality

These weekly classes are open to everyone, regardless of dance experience. They don’t take the form of a traditional dance class focused on technique or „correct execution.“ Instead, it’s a safe space where I invite you to connect with the juiciness of your own body in and through movement by following along simple choreographies that allow you to embody your sensuality & vibe as a group to irresistible rhythms.

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On Stage Training Center

Olivia Vogée Psychologist, Latin Moves Class


Thank you for your class, you awakened many things in me, I felt an invitation to feel my feminine energy and allow myself to be sexy and beautiful, when I watched you I felt admiration. At first there was discomfort and at the end it was liberating. I want you to know that it is inspiring what you do. I work on myself and my limiting issues and in your class it was a struggle with myself letting out little by little that A. that asks to dance. I loved it!

[Original:] Gracias por tu clase, despertaste muchas cosas en mi, sentí una invitación a sentirme en mi energía femenina y permitirme ser sexy y bonita, cuando te observé sentir admiración. Al principio fue incomodidad y al final fue liberador. quiero que sepas que es inspirador lo que haces. Yo trabajo en mi, temas limitantes y en tu clase fue una lucha conmigo misma dejando salir poco a poco a esa A. que pide bailar. Me encantó!

A. B.

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